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Thank A Miner
I want to thank my husband for working so hard at the West Elk mine to support our family…he does it because he loves us and believes in making a difference. – Diane Dykstra, CO


To show our appreciation for our nation’s coal miners, America’s Power joins supporters from across the country to reflect on the reasons we’re thankful for the men and women who work each and every day to provide affordable, reliable coal-based power to America’s homes and businesses.

To participate, simply print out our #ThankAMiner sign, take a picture of yourself holding the sign, and fill out the form below where you can upload your picture and write a short message explaining why you want to #ThankAMiner.


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Why are you thankful for America’s coal miners? Here are just a few examples from some of our America’s Power supporters.

  • I #ThankAMiner for providing affordable, reliable electricity for my family.
  • I #ThankAMiner for powering my community with low-cost electricity.
  • I am thankful for America’s miners – they work hard each and every day so that we can all keep the lights on.
  • I #ThankAMiner for increasing our nation’s energy security through domestic energy production.
  • Today, I’m thanking a miner for supporting small businesses with affordable electricity.
  • I #ThankAMiner for keeping my family warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • I #ThankAMiner for building a stronger American energy future for generations to come.